Konstantin Pushkin

Project leader, ex CEO and Founder

Expert in renewable energy and associate Professor. Engineer and Dr.Eng. with over 15 years of experience in R&D and management. An ethnic German.

Doctoral thesis in the use of aluminum as a renewable and safe energy carrier in electrochemical power sources

More than 15 years of experience in electrochemical R&D in aluminum-air and aluminum-water fuel cells. Experienced in management of R&D projects from idea and laboratory stage (TRL 1) till pre serial production (TRL 8).

Strong background in Engineering. Wide experience in soft skills, like system and critical thinking, process approach, quality management, analytics, management of complex R&D projects, management of innovations development, company management at all levels.

R&D projects

More than 20 successful R&D projects in the electrochemical field: electrode materials, catalysts, electrolytes, inhibitors, power plant organization and optimization, etc.

The most notable R&D projects:
- Controlled hydrogen generator based on aluminum-water power source.
- H2 catalytic film with MoS2 for an electrolyzer cathode.
- Power plant for unmanned aerial vehicle based on aluminum-air fuel cells. 
- Power plants for land main and backup power supplying based on aluminum-air fuel cells.


  1. Winner of the award - Aircraft builder of the year 2016, in category Best Innovative Project
  2. Twice winner of presidential personal grants for young scientists
  3. More than 20 honorable diplomas and medals awarded at international and Russian scientific & technical forums, competitions and conferences

Scientific publications

More than 80 scientific publications, 4 patents. Most are available at Google Scholar


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