Renewable fuel
    Complete refueling in a few minutes
    High operational efficiency and reliability

The whole modern civilization depends on a stable electricity supply. Speaking about everyday life, we can confidently say that everyone has faced an emergency power outage. Sometimes this is only annoying discomfort, but sometimes it is already a threat to life and health. At such times, it is very important to have a reliable backup power source. We present to a stationary reserve modular power source based on aluminum-air fuel cells with a power of one module up to 1.5 kW.

In the case of a power outage power source consisting of one or more modules is quickly activated and provide you with energy from 24 to 100 hours. The current source does not require constant monitoring, special conditions or laborious maintenance during storage, you only remember it when it becomes necessary. It will not lose its energy properties and will work equally well after 1 day or 25 years of waiting (and even more).

The module consists of fuel cells and aluminum plates installed into them - safe and non-combustible, capable of being stored at any temperature without energy loss for infinitely long. The module is put into operation if necessary and consumes aluminum, water and oxygen. The product of the reaction during which electricity and heat is released is simple clay, an environmentally friendly substance.


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