Ease of use
    Damage resistance
    Compactness and light weight

Just as today human life is impossible without smart devices, so modern tourism is unthinkable without a convenient and reliable power source. Explore the world with one of these devices - the ALCell portable aluminum-air fuel cell!

Do not be confused by the limitations on autonomy: like the device itself, aluminum fuel has high energy capacity, it’s compact and safe.

Unlike wind generators and solar panels, ALCell is always at your service: in rain, wind, at any time of the day or night. Thanks to its compact design and low weight, ALCell is almost invisible among conventional travel equipment.

On the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, among the hot dunes of the Sahara - ALCell is always with you! The device is able to work in a wide range of temperatures and conditions of high humidity (and not scary, even if it is accidentally bathed with you on a boat descent from mountain rivers - it will dry out a bit and is ready to go again).

Moreover, as a reliable friend, it can warm you in the coldest minutes of your trip. ALCell can serve as a source of not only electricity, but also heat when necessary.

Taking care of your comfort, ALCell almost does not require special care and the implementation of complex maintenance algorithms.

For ALCell to work, you only need to: install aluminum plates, add water and activator, and you can already connect your mobile device.

After recharging all the gadgets drain the water and continue traveling lightly until you need energy again. It's simple: minimum effort - maximum benefit.

What is fuel and where does electricity come from?

ALCell generates energy from three simple and well-known components: aluminum, water and oxygen. The device itself is a combination of several fuel cells containing small aluminum plates. Oxygen comes from the surrounding air, and water from the electrolyte. The products of the reaction, during which electricity and heat are released, after use - simple clay, so no harm to the environment is caused.


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