AL Technologies at Slush 2019

We took part in Slush 2019 that was held on November 21-22, 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.

Slush is an annual event and facilitates meetings between the founders of startups and investors such as venture capitalists, accomplished with events such as matchmaking and pitching competitions. Slush aims to build a worldwide startup community. It is worthwhile noting that everything was organized very well, matchmaking worked incredibly.

So that was very rush hours for us! A lot of meetings with potential partners, investors, and representatives of European accelerators, speakers from around the world, endless discussions and presentations of our product and technology. However, in the end, these two busy days turned out to be very fruitful for AL Technologies: we received a huge number of contacts from such large organizations as REPSOL, Fortum, Helen, Wieland, Aalto, Deutschbahn, Rockstart, Nordea, Hub Brussels, Finland Business Hub, Avanto and many others.


Our eco-friendly technology has interested many European citizens, where environmental regulations are becoming stricter. And of course, one cannot help but recall the WOW-effect that our phrase “Our fuel is aluminum plates” evoked over and over again.


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