We implemented a tourist power source prototype

AL Technologies created a prototype of its first B2C product: portable tourist aluminum-air power source for charging various equipment: smartphone, navigator, walkie-talkie and any other portable tourist equipment. The new device received the name "ALCell".

The device has the dimensions of a thermocup and could charge up to 10 smartphones on one set of aluminum plates weighing 50 grams.

Just as today human life is impossible without smart devices, so modern tourism is unthinkable without a convenient and reliable power source. Explore the world with one of these devices - the ALCell portable aluminum-air fuel cell! ALCell generates energy from three simple and well-known components: aluminum, water, and oxygen. The device itself is a combination of several fuel cells containing small aluminum plates. Oxygen comes from the surrounding air, and water from the electrolyte. The products of the reaction, during which electricity and heat are released, after use - simple clay, so no harm to the environment is caused.

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