We are the finalists of “Energy Breakthrough 2017”

AL Technologies became a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center in the energy technology cluster. The company introduced the project "Autonomous modular power plant based on air-aluminum electrochemical generators for safe power supply".

Then we participated and became a finalist in the competition “Energy Breakthrough 2017”. The finale was held within the framework of “Russian Energy Week 2017” in the Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow.
In the photo below, Sofyin Vladimir Vladimirovich (Director of Technological Development and Innovation Department of «Rosseti») awards our CEO Konstantin Pushkin.
The project became one of the 5 finalists, among 350 projects submitted initially to the competition this year.
Work project: "Autonomous modular aluminum-air power plant for backup power supply" http://gridology.ru/projects/853

Today we are developing our work within the framework of our start-up company, which is a resident of Skolkovo, to develop aluminum-air power sources for backup and main power supply in the next areas, namely:
1) Mobile current sources, power 0.1-1 kW — these are the sources for UAVs, for electric motors of small sea vessels, for power supply of expeditions, etc .;
2) Modular power plants with the power of 1-10 kW, for mobile situation centers, telecom towers, private houses, etc .;
3) Industrial power plants with a capacity of 10-100 kW and more, for autonomous settlements and off-grid villages, as a reserve generator for hospitals, data processing centers, satellite communication stations, etc.

We are looking for strategic partners and customers! Interacting with you today we will be able to adapt our future products in the successfully used power sources for your purposes.


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