Moscow Aviation Institute graduate is going to develop a system of autonomous charge of e-scooters

Moscow. October, 23. INTERFAX - Samocat Sharing and AL Technologies in Moscow signed an agreement on cooperation in developing the transport system, the press service of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).  He signing took place within the forum “Open Innovations 2019” at Skolkovo Innovation center.

"Companies are starting to create an unparalleled system of autonomous e-scooter charging in the world, designed for use in places where connection to electricity sources is impossible" – the statement said.

The development is noted to allow to deploy a microelectrotransport network without connecting to a stationary electric grid, which will reduce costs during the development of the system.

“Connecting to a source of electricity is an expensive and long process. We strive to ensure that our stations are able to charge electric scooters, regardless of the ability to connect to a stationary power grid,” – a quote of Samocat Sharing founder Vasily Bykov.

In turn, the founder of AL Technologies, Moscow Aviation Institute graduate, Konstantin Pushkin, believes that the product being developed will become a key factor in the development of electric scooter networks as an efficient urban transport.

“In this project, we solve the problem of the high cost of recharging a scooter battery and the inability or high cost of connecting a scooter station to the network. Our solution can more than halve the cost of recharging a scooter, increase the number of constantly charged scooters ready for rent, and increase the number of stations where you can rent charged electric scooters, "the press service quoted Pushkin as saying.

AL Technologies is a company developing innovative environmentally friendly aluminum-air chemical autonomous power sources that use aluminum, water and air as a safe and renewable fuel.

Samocat Sharing is a Russian company engaged in the development of an automatic sharing service for city scooters both in Russia and abroad.


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