Al-Technologies presents clean power sources based on aluminum-air fuel cells.
We use this technology to create a wide range of power sources with various electrical power and amount of energy.
In aluminum-air fuel cells the role of fuel is played by aluminum, water from the electrolyte and oxygen from the air. Energy is released as a result of chemical reaction in the fuel cell.

Aluminum-air fuel cells are inherently an alternative to an internal combustion engine, and aluminum is used as a fuel, so it substitutes gasoline or diesel.
Aluminum is the most common metal element in the Earth's crust and accounts as much as 8.8% of the total mass of our planet. It is also widely commercially available, cheap and non-explosive material.

The usage of aluminum as a fuel provides a huge amount of energy by volume (21.8 kWh/liter), along with convenience and simplicity of storage. Namely neither special fire safety measures nor special temperature conditions for storage are required as it’s especially important for gasoline and diesel fuel (and even more for hydrogen).

Convenience of such fuel cells consists in their independence of any power grid. The cells are charged by mechanical replacement of aluminum plates, water and electrolyte, if necessary. This allows you to maximize the autonomy of usage since you can apply them even in remote non-electrified areas, just carrying a fuel stock.

When operating aluminum-air fuel cells consume aluminum plates, oxygen from the air and also water from the electrolyte. Due to the innovative technologies our company uses, our aluminum-air fuel cells have ability for long-term operation with periodic refueling with plain water, thereby increasing the working time until the device is completely refilled.

Even more environmentally friendly. Renewable aluminum.
When operating of aluminum-air fuel cells, aluminum as a result of the oxidation reaction passes into aluminum hydroxide, which is ordinary natural clay widely distributed in the environment.
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