The technology of aluminum-air source of electric energy is the same for devices of any power.
Today we are making efforts to develop power sources with various electrical power and amount of energy.
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Reserve power source
1 – 3 kWh
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The whole of modern civilization depends on stable electricity supply. We can confidently say that everyone have faced an emergency power outage in his everyday life. Sometimes it's just an annoying discomfort, but sometimes it’s a threat to life and health. It’s very important to have a reliable backup power source at such occasions. We present you a prototype of a stationary reserve power source based on al-air fuel cells with the power of one module up to 1.5 kW.

In the case of a power outage, a unit consisting of one or more modules is quickly activated and will provide you with energy from 24 to 50-100 hours. The battery does not require constant monitoring, special conditions or laborious maintenance during storage, you remember about it only when it becomes necessary. It will not lose its energy properties and will work equally well after 1 day or 25 years of waiting (and even more).

The source consists of fuel cells, into which aluminum plates are installed - safe and non-flammable, able to be stored at any temperature without loss of energy for an infinitely long time. The module is brought into action when necessary and consumes aluminum, water and oxygen. The product of the reaction, during which electricity and heat is released - is a simple clay, - an environmentally safe substance. After exhausting some aluminum plates, you can easily recharge, installing new ones and the module is ready to work again.
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