The technology of aluminum-air source of electric energy is the same for devices of any power. Today we are making efforts to develop power sources with various electrical power and amount of energy.
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ALCell: tourist portable power sources
10 - 30 Wh
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Become closer to nature, not giving up comfort and the benefits of civilization!

As human life is impossible without intelligent devices nowadays, so modern tourism is inconceivable without a convenient and reliable source of energy. Explore the world with one of ALCell power source – a tourist portable aluminum-air power source!

Do not be confused by limitations on self-containment: similar to the device itself, its aluminum fuel is energy-intensive, compact and safe. Unlike wind generators and solar panels ALCell is always on your service: in the rain or wind, at any time of a day or night. Thanks to compact design and light weight, it’s almost imperceptible among ordinary tourist equipment.

On the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, among the hot dunes of the Sahara or on the river rapids – ALCell is always with you! The device is able to work in a wide range of temperatures and conditions of high humidity (and no matter even if it accidentally gets into water during rafting, just let it dry a little and it’s work-ready again). Moreover, as a reliable companion, it is able to warm you up at the coldest moments of your journey. ALCell can produce electricity as well as heat, when necessary.

ALCell is taking care of your comfort, almost not requiring any special care and performance of complicated maintenance procedures. To turn on ALCell you only need to install aluminum plates, add water, activator, and then you can connect your mobile device.

After recharging all the gadgets, just drain the water and continue traveling lightly until you need energy again. It’s simple: minimal effort and maximum benefit!

We will be very grateful if you share with us your experience of using energy sources in hikes. Please, complete our survey.
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