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We create environmentally friendly sources of energy and technology for a better future for our world.

More recently, our team members have made a number of innovative discoveries that significantly bring the technology of aluminum-air fuel cells closer to everyday mass use. And today, when developing our products, we are close to the reality of using of environmentally friendly energy sources based on aluminum fuel like never before!
At the moment, our company is already developing as a start-up. We are residents of Skolkovo, Russia's leading innovation center. We are actively developing and creating new products based on the technology of aluminum-air fuel cells, which will be affordable and convenient for daily use.

We are always open to new challenges in the field of energy-efficient solutions and we will be glad to partners to jointly develop important products for the industry, as well as to integrate our products into other products to address the current problems of consumers.
The history of the company and the beginning of technology
  • 1970
  • 1990
  • Today
  • In Russia the development and research of Aluminum-Air sources of energy began in the 1970s and now it is more than 45 years of research. A large number of R&D projects were carried out, both on the basic properties of working components and their compositions for aluminum-air chemical power sources as well as power plants based on them. A lot of experimental prototypes of sources have been developed and implemented with various capacity from some few of Watts for field applications, up to kilowatts for use on an electric vehicle.
  • Since 1990 within of the state scientific and technical program "High-speed environmentally friendly transport" in Russia, a fully functional experimental aluminum-air generator had been developed in 1993 as the main power source for an electric vehicle with specific power of about 250 Wh/kg and it allowed to run about 400 km in City driving-cycle till recharge of aluminum plates.
  • Today the key members of our scientific and technical team are specialists who were among the founders of the research and development of aluminum-air chemical power sources in the Russia. Thanks to their experience and work, in our current team there are enough young professionals with in-depth training, as well as a unique scientific and technical experience in this field.
The creed of our company is the constant overcoming of the most important challenges of the time in the field of energy efficient technologies and clean energy sources for creating excellent engineering solutions that will benefit humanity and make the world a better place.

We are developing our solutions to provide people with independent, reliable and stable energy in any, even in the most extreme conditions, helping them to take the new horizons and expand the boundaries of what is possible.

We are creating a company with a strong team whose goal is to make a significant contribution to the safe and qualitative energy supply of mankind.

Therefore, through developing our solutions, we promise to think ahead of time and retaining the spirit of innovation to invest all our knowledge, strengths, will and dreams into creating environmentally friendly energy sources to improve people's lives and for a better future of our world!
Our team consists of professional technical and commercial specialists.
Our main scientific and technical specialists were among the founders of aluminum-air fuel cells in Russia and have more than 45 years of experience in this field. Therefore, we can say that our company is based on one of the oldest scientific groups in the world in this field. Thanks to their experience and work, in our team today there are enough young specialists trained in this field. Today, we are actively progressing, developing and creating innovative products for security.
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Наша команда включает в себя профессиональных технических и коммерческих специалистов. Наши ключевые научные и технические специалисты, входили в число основателей направления воздушно-алюминиевых топливных элементов в России и имеют более чем 45 летний опыт в этой области. Начало разработки и исследования воздушно-алюминиевых топливных элементов, источников тока и энергоустановок на их основе в России. Более чем за 45 лет исследований выполнено большое количество работ по определению основных свойств рабочих компонентов и их композиций, и по энергоустановкам на их основе. Разработано и реализовано множество экспериментальных образцов и прототипов батарей с мощностью от единиц Ватт, до нескольких киловатт, подходящих для использования в электромобилях.
  • Konstantin Pushkin
    Ing., Ph.D., CEO, Founder of AL Technologies
    10 years of experience in R&D on the subject of the project (65 scientific publications), experience in R&D projects organisation and management.
  • Eugene Grigoriev
    CMO, Co-Founder of AL Technologies
    Experience in management of complicated progects with budget more than 200 million roubels/year.
  • Ariadna A. Farmakovskaya
    Ph.D., professor, chief of chemical R&D.
    More than 40 years of experience in R&D, more than 250 scientific works)
  • Stanislav D. Sevruk
    Ph.D., professor, chief of engineering R&D.
    More than 40 years of experience in R&D, more than 250 scientific works)
  • Anton Nikitin
    Dipl.-Ing. Manager of engineering projects
  • Vladislav Skudnev
    Leading Engineer
  • Aleksandra Balkanova
    Quality manager
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